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Default Re: Where do all the wipers go??

It sounds like you're facing many of the same conditions we face in Indiana this year, mostly the high water. I doubt anyone knows where they go when the water is high. All the things we knew from past years are not working now. But chicken livers always work. Get a fresh package at the store. Get a seive, too, or you'll have chicken blood all over the deck. Keep them cool. Rig your pole Carolina style with the egg sinker at the top, the bead, the swivel, three feet of line and the hook. Big hooks work best. Fish in right on the bottom near dropoffs. For some reason they love chicken livers.

If you have high water, you probably also had a cold winter last year. Shad cannot tolerate water below 36 degrees; they die. So when spring comes, the baitfish aren't there, and if it's a year when the water levels are high, there's not much you can do. I say optimize you time on the water by going out close to sunset. Try the livers. They troll okay, too. If you were here, I would tell you to pay special attention to the mouths of all inlets at the deepest end of the lake. As sunset hits, troll into the inlet.

That's my take on it.

Good luck.
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