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Default Re: Where do all the wipers go??

With chicken livers, they are difficult to stay on the hook. Take a pair of your wifes old panty hose and cut some small squares. Some guys sew them up, I just wrap it around the livers and use the hook to secure it through the panty hose. Try fishing them on a carolina rig. a slip sinker 1/2 to 3/4 oz above a swivel on a two to four foot leader and a large treble hook for the bait. They do seem to be better wen the've been out in the sun a while, though right out of the package works as well. Any large cats in the area will also tear these up. Not as exciting as trolling or a surface bite, but very effective, esp along these shallow flats, where they are constantly cruising and eating whatever they find. I like a baitcaster with a clicker...easy to hear when they pick it up. Good luck!
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