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Default Okay to answer all your questions

To begin with thanks for showing the interest, and help.
to answer "YAZ"
Primary forage in the lake: gizzard shad 2nd bluegill 3rd bass ( our bass don't get very big)
Hottest surface temp in the summer: called a few of my buddies nobody remembers the lake ever getting above 80 so the best answer is 78,
Current surface temp: 75
Deepest water in the lake: By the dam 110', closer to the inlet averages 50-60'
biggest hybrids: We average 5-6lbs, a good day is a 9lb, I know of several 19lb wipers taken from the lake in the last 3 yrs
I will take u fishing whenever u come to Colorado, I live 5 min from the lake, all I need is an excuse.
To answer "Slowretrieve"
You talked about your flats, on our lake there are three main flats each about the size of 2 football fields. their depth this year averages 30-40' So it is surprising to me you look for flats in the 3-9', I will defiantely begin searching out theese areas.
This year has been a dry one, we are just beginning to get the dark threatening storms roll in in the afternoons, it has cooled off our afternoons but not a signifigant amount of rain.
I do target the humps that i have found, all are marked on my gps and most all are on the flats I speak of.
There is one main river that supplies 99.99999% of the water in the lake, that water comes directly from snowmelt in the rockies. The reason for the percentage is there are many feeder creeks into the lake but in mid summer they are at best a trickle, and when it does rain a little more.
Here we use A LOT of chartreuse (I just realized thats much easier to say than spell) we troll spinnerbaits in chart and white, and throw flukes in pearl with chart tails. For vertical jigging Cabelas real image spoon with a blue back is the most consistent. I have honestly never tried gold, but will now.
*Other things to note is we had an above average snowfall last winter and the lake is the highest it has been in 8-10 yrs. I would say 5' below the highest it has ever been 12 yrs ago
*Also here (I assume because of the dry heat) we don't have vegetation, green vegetation in the lake. Most of what you will see are dead weeds, willows etc, no lilly pads, very little green growing under the water.
* Question??? Chicken Livers??? I have never heard of this and I guarantee none of my buddies ever have. So do I put them on a hook raw out of the package, do I let them sit in the sun and get rank as though Im going for catfish, please learn me more about this..
I hope Ive answered all ur questions, now u know Im serious about this education, Any more questions Ill get right back to you, Any advice will be applied THANKS....
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