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Default Where do all the wipers go??

Hello there I am looking for some advice you may or may not have experienced with wipers. I reside in Colorado where several lakes have been stocked for years and our wipers have become a healthy and attractive game fish to go after. One lake in particular I have been chasing wipers for the last three years consistently. Something happens In mid June where the wiper bite slows down and typically picks back up in mid-late July. Our mornings and evenings by mid July are filled with wipers busting the surface and utter mayhem. This year however the bite is still just NONEXISTENT. I fish in and around a close nit group of guys who consistently scour the lake looking for the schools but they just arent there. My theory is that the blistering heat of the summer months alters their feeding mood dramatically, pushes them to deeper water? Does this happen in the lakes some of you fish, how or what do you guys do when this happens. I understand these fish are a here today, gone tomorrow phenomenon but if they are deep should I be looking for them below the thermocline?? I know they like flats and I have been scouring the flats on the lake including the drop offs, this lake is a hybrid flats/canyon type lake where our flats right now are averaging 35-40ft but the drop offs go to 70-80 within a 20ft span, well below the thermocline. Water temp is low 70's. Any advice is helpful, Im willing to try any tactics you typically use when the going gets tough. Thanks
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