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Originally Posted by baitrunner View Post
Congrats on what sounds like great day fishing! Question though,,, are there just that few fishermen where you are that you're not concerned about putting such precise directions (spot burning) to your spot on the internet? If I did that here, my spot would quickly be overrun with people and impossible to fish. If you were anywhere else, I'd be all over deleting that post as soon as possible, to protect you! You should at least consider editing it to be less specific.
If it takes more stripers out of the lake, I'm all for it. I don't want Pleasant to get like Lake Powell with the population booms and crashes. They have only been in the lake for 15 years and are only now starting to take over the lake. It's better for the lake to have more stripers taken before they eat everything in the lake. If it gets crowded, I'll learn my lesson and find another spot. Thanks for the advice - I'm a newbie here.
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