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Default Re: Lake Pleasant this weekend

Had an awesome Memorial Day Sunday fishing trip. I took my neighbor and we had a killer day. It was around 85, we fished from about 10am to 6pm - when we ran out of bait. He got 12, I got 24. Nothing very big, but a lot of action. I think I'll bring some waterdogs next time and see if I can get a big one. Maybe I'll try a whole large anchovy on a 2 hook setup. I have to think there are some big ones mixed in there somewhere.

I confirmed that you can walk there from shore - no boat necessary. You have to wade about to your waist but that's as deep as it gets. When the lake is lower in the coming weeks, it will be even easier. There is another point closer to the spillway that is on shore that might be just as good. Maybe I'll try that next time. Good luck....
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