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Default Re: Salt Water License?

Here in Maine our Governor is so crooked he has to screw his socks on in the morning. He's already spending like $2 Million just to mow the damn lawn in Augusta.
There is SO much money flowing into our state and little or none of it gets used as its supposed to. Our technology is non existent in Maine, our DHHS system is doing nothing but leeching millions, and for some reason the people who are supposed to represent us are deathly araid of putting some good accountants on the case to find out whos stealing all the tax money.

This salty license thing is going to keep Marine patrol running around checking everyone wallet. instead of focusing on safety and boating laws. I'm sure the state will find new and exciting ways to flush the millions they make on the first few years fines and license fees. Eventually the casual tourist to Maine won't bother to buy the license and Maine will fall off the map for a destination as a salt water fishing location.

At the very least, I believe natives of the state should be exempt from salty licenses for their own state. Nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to our government, but sometimes I just can't believe the things they do.
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