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Default Re: Summer striper fishing on Lake Hartwell in GA/SC

I used to fish Hartwell as a kid 20-25 years ago. I only fished the upper stretched of the lake and remember seeing hundreds of stripers caught below Isaqueena dam in the spring. I'm sure you'd find them just below the Keowee dam in the spring as well. Sorry that's not helping you now.

For Wilmac, which creeks were you having success in? Did you catch the larger ones on artificials or live bait?

Anyone fishing the Savannah River just below Hartwell dam? I remember catching trout down there before Lake Russel was built. I was told, "Sorry son, the stripers will eat up all your trout when the Russell dam is built. Just wondering if the cold water discharge from Hartwell keeps the stripers below it in the summer like the other GA tail races.
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