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Default Massachusetts Symposium Press release

Press Release from Stripers Forever

At Striped Bass Game Fish 2006, a symposium hosted this spring by Stripers
Forever in Foxboro, MA., five experts on conservation, saltwater fisheries
management, and aquaculture all supported the fact that society is better
served by eliminating all commercial fishing for wild striped bass and
managing the species as a game fish for personal-use fishing.

The full texts of all five symposium presentations plus the question and
answer session, and a brief overview of both, have just been posted at . Go to Recent
News on the right side of the home page and click on "Complete symposium
remarks now available!"

The five presenters at Striped Bass Game Fish 2006 were:

. Dr. Russell Nelson, an independent fisheries consultant and past Director
of Marine Fisheries for Florida, spoke about how the redfish was designated
a game fish in Florida and how important that has been to the state's

.Bruce Freeman, former fisheries director for New Jersey and North
Carolina, detailed how and why the striped bass was declared a game fish in
New Jersey.

.Rob Southwick, President of Southwick Associates and a leading authority
on wildlife economics, discussed the data reported in the Southwick Report
he authored for Stripers Forever in 2005.

.Mike Freeze, president of Keo Fish Farm in Arkansas, the largest producer
of striped bass raised through aquaculture, explained that fish farmers
already supply more than 60% of the striped bass sold in the U.S. and could
easily increase production to supply market demand if commercial fishing for
wild striped bass was stopped

.Steve Williams, Executive Director of the Wildlife Management Institute
and an expert on the historical importance of the game fish concept in

For further information, contact Brad Burns, President of Stripers Forever,
at [email protected].
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