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I really hope this doest offend anyone, but I used to chat in alot of online chat rooms when I was bored...don't do that anymore, there's more stuff to read about fishing that I haven't found yet. but this was one of the most popular sayings.....

Fighting online is like the special Olympics; even if you win you're still retarded

So please, don't take offense to that, it just makes a very good point. There is no need to get into that stuff with people. in the end, you just look like an idiot. You know, and on to Spot burning???? I have NEVER had someone new to fishing come up to me while I'm fishing and start talking that I haven't helped out and said "see that rock over there, why don't you try bouncing your bait around that. It should hold a fish" Where I fish, spot burning isn't as much of an issue, but I'll promise you one thing...if you're an arrogant cocky annoying person, the last thing I will want to do is help you out....Not only do I just plain not want to help you, but I damn sure don't want you and your attitude anywhere near me when I'm fishing. Wow, didnt realize I was going to rant this much. Anyhow, well said Jim, I love it here, enjoy everyone's conversation and ideas and have learned more from this one site than probably 10 other combined......Hell I even made my site in hopes I could draw a group together like you have.

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