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i said this last year when this subject came up. exactly what is going to happen. asfmc just posted the summer flounder regs will be up to individual states to either change or keep them the same as last season. the ball is in thier court with this reg and now would be the time to step up before congress gets it's paws on us. and none of this bs about your rights! this is a long time coming and the right thing is ny state to own it;s own, and the only reason why it isn't yet is that the commercial fishery on the east coast will suffer from red tape and less lenient watchdogs and compliance with certain regs and changes in policy. texas went to the state licence and the rectreational fishery thrives as they chased the comm's out of the inshore gulf. i don;t like any licence one bit but the state would benefit as funds (have to be) used for the purpose it was collected for. the feds can do with it what they please. it is law.

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