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Default Re: Shore Fishing Etiquette

I was fishing from shore on the upper Hudson, there was a boat approx. mid river and 1:00 to me 60 yrds.out,another boat pulls up and gets inbetween us, yhat means he was 30 yrds. from shore and directly IN FRONT of me. , I had two lines out. it took 10 mins before they snagged my line, I should have cut it I was so pissed. when I told him what I thought about what he did he just laughed and said there was room for everyone on the river, which there was, he could have parked ANYWHERE as there was at least 1/2 mile of open water to the next boat. It took me 20 mins to pack up and go. It would have taken him 1 min. to drive in ANY direction to fish out of my direct casting area. I ant to see someone do that to me this year
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