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Default Here is a new Craigslist trick I found

I have a Craigslist tip for everyone. I found a site call If This Than That ( ) that automatically searches Craigslist for you every hour. It uses keywords you enter in and can automatically notify you if a new item has been posted based on what you have it searching for. it seems complicated but it's really super easy. I have it constantly searching Craigslist for me for stuff like boats, pool tables, "Go Carts", power wheels, etc.... I have it set to instantly email me so I can be the first buyer if a real deal is found that just can't passed up. You can also have it send you a text message instead of an email if you want.

For instance I found a 19 foot, center console, fiberglass boat with a good 150 hp johnson outboard and aluminum trailer for $500 a few weeks ago. The boat is in really good shape for the price and can easily be resold for $2000 or more. I had to drive a couple hours away to get it but for $500 how could I pass it up right?

Anyways the reason I mention it is because you can find some great deals on Craigslist but the best ones don't last long. The key is to be the first one to call about the best deals and go buy them before anyone else does.

I found some cool toys for very cheap this way so I figured I would share it here with you as well. I made a couple video tutorials on how to set it up below. Enjoy.
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