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Angry Chemicals in our drinking water.

a chemical spilled into the Elk river in WV about a mile above the water plant. it started Wednesday night but was not reported until Thursday morning. we were asked to not use the water except for flushing the toilets. Friday I saw people fighting over water at some of the local stores. some people panicked and were ready to fight over a case of water. some people like to laugh at "preppers" but after seeing just how fast the panic and fear set in with people I am glad I am ready for events like this. you should be ready too!

this damn spill has put the lives of people, fish and all of the animals that live in our drink out of the Kanawha river in danger. it has hurt small business like mine very much. be prepared in the event of a emergency for the sake of your family and friends. sorry but I had to vent. td
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