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Default Need some advice please...

Hi guys!
My buddy and I are planning a trip this Saturday on Smithtown Bay, Long Island Sound.
We should be on the water at high tide, around 10am.
Our plan is to go for Blues, Bass, and Porgies
We thought we would first troll the area near Port Jeff, between bouys 11A and 11.
I bought 2 Mann's Deep Diver lures for that job.
Then drop anchor, chum with that new Gulp Chum, and fish the bottom with Fresh Surf Clams.
We'll also drift chunks of bunker with another rod.
Would it make sense to try and fish for Porgies at this point as well, or are we all over the place?
Next, we plan to target the light at middle ground, and the Huntington triangle if time permits, and repeat the plan above.

Now for a few questions: I've never gotten a clear answer as to when you should use a fish finder rig, as opposed to using a 36" leader, swivel, and sinker combo.
As for hooks, what size and type, and for what species?
I have them all, but am never certain I am using the right one for the right job.
Lastly, when dusk approaches, I thought I'd try using live eels.
How, when and where do I do it? ie should we leave the areas meantioned, and head closer to shore?
I will gladly alter our approach if it will help us catch more fish, and look forward to your advice.
Thanks very much in advance.
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