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Default Arizona Fall/Winter Striper Fishing

Hi all, I live in the Metro Phx area near Lake Pleasant. It's a resevoir and the striper fishing is very good. Prob is, from Sept thru March it is tough to fish and I still want some Striper!!

The water drops about 50 ft by end of summer and changes fishing. Here is a site with water levels and temps if anyone can look at and let me know thoughts. On left of page can chose the month up to a year.

When full is about 160-180 ft at its deepest point. The S end is a dam and water is pumped in from the colorado river. The N is fingers from runoff with the finger farthest N/E being the Agua Fria River. I read they move up to the mouth of the river to spawn when water hits a certain temp.

So here are some questions. Any idea of depth for a thermocline in this lake in winter? Is there one? Will they tend to be in the deep middle most of the day or near steep drop/cliff walls? I seem to get lots of soft bites for about 30 min at dusk. I can access lots of points and depth.

I mostly fish anchovies from the bottom and some lures. I have great luck most of the year.

Sorry for the book, any input is appreciated
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