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Default Eufaula Hybrids NOW!

Hey guys,
Just joined the forum and am excited to be a part of this community. Have been having consistant fishing on the south part of the lake for the past few weeks. Quality fish, 6-8 pounds with occasional 9 or 10. Also, lots of largemouth bass and catfish, white lakers too. Find the shad, find the fish. It appears that not many people fish for hybrids on the lake after the spring run, so it sure makes for a peaceful trip. Have a question though. I am told that the last stocking was 2007, and that hybrids can grow up to 15 inches in there first year. (growth rate may be innacurate but what I have read). Friday 11/19/10 I caught a hybrid no more than 8 inches long. Pretty sure it was not a laker but a hybrid. Can anyone tell me if I have missed a recent stocking date or is this evidence of natural spawning. Any info will be very appreciated. Also, would be great to hear from any of you local guys with some fishing reports.
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