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Default Hitting up FRF pier out of my kayak today.

Best kayak pier ever. Boats can't anchor there so no boats and surf fisherman can't cast that far out and can't walk on the pier. The guy who works there said kayaks were fine as long as no anchors are used, so I'm going to try and improvise and tie my kayak around the pier pole. A friend is gonna work with a guy who works there so we got to tour the place and walk down the pier. By the end of the pier, there were so many fish you could see huge schools of them swim around the poles. Spadefish, triggerfish, and sheepshead (apparently). pics later

I'm thinking simple bottom rigs with squid. The only problem I see is if I want to get a sheepshead and trying to get the bait to the bottom before the trigger/spadefish grab it.
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