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I'd like to add a little anecdote about my experience with "spots" although it doesn't involve striper fishing.

I've been fishing freshwater for trout and bass since I was a kid. I am by no means an expert but a real enthusiast for fishing and the outdoors. Well ,I'd been fishing a stretch of the Farmington river for the past few years and was looking to catch fish on a more consistent basis. Not just when the hatchery trucks came around. I started reading some books about trout habitat and how to read the water. I also talked to a few older guys who'd been fishing the river for years. They'd give me tips on some of the hatches and what the fish were hitting on but they never once told me where to go.

So as I learned more I started to be more observant. I'd walk along the river more, stop and watch the water, look at bugs that were around. Rather than casting and covering as much water as possible I was putting more effort into the selection of the places I would fish. One day I came across a nice pool that was set away from where most people go to fish and ended up pulling up some nice trout. I went back a few days later and caught a couple more. It seemed I found a nice honey hole.

In my excitement I had triumphantly described my success to one of the older guys that I know. I gave him a description of the area and he said he knew the exact spot and had fished there quite a lot. He was also glad I found it but added he didn't share that spot with anyone. And I'm not about to share it either.

Is it due to a selfish attitude? No. The spot is open to anyone willing to put in the time to learn and effort to find it. That's why I understand that the "spot" issue is such a hot one.

This site is a tool for learning to fish. Noobs like myself are very lucky to have veteran striper fisherman sharing the knowledge they have. But if any of us new guys want to be successful we need to be diligent and learn how to fish and find the spots on our own.
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