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"...Second, we have actually ended up with two Amendments to the Senate budget bill in MA. The Amendments, Senate Budget Bill: #222 by Senators Timilty and Creem and #224 by Senators Richard Moore, Brewer, Donnelly and Spilka state that the commercial allocation of striped bass must be justified economically. This will give legal teeth to our argument that the recreational fishery for striped bass provides the greatest economic value and most jobs to the Commonwealth.

The amendments are identical, and we expect that they will be melded into one successful amendment as debating begins later in the week. If you are concerned, as we are, about the declining quality of striper fishing, these Amendments are a great conservation initiative. The commercial fishery value depends completely on killing as many fish as possible but recreational fishing is a far more powerful economic engine, even in the event of possible reduced bag limits or a largely catch and release fishery. ~

Even if you are not a MA resident, but spend some time in the Commonwealth fishing for stripers, your comments to the Senator in the towns that you fish are very much worth presenting. A copy to the Senate president would also be a good idea. You will find the names and contact information in this LINK which lists state legislators by town. We must act quickly, and in enough numbers to make a significant impression. THIS IS NOW YOUR FIGHT! Just ask the legislators to do the right thing for the public and for striped bass conservation - support Senate Budget Bills #222 and #224.

I thought this was a bit of good news in my inbox...
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