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Default Barren River Lake

Hey all. Anyone here ever fished for hybrid on Barren River lake? I went a few times with my dad a handful of years ago, but he always controlled the boat, so I, for the most part, didn't know where were at. Also, I only had his word to go on, and he wasn't ever too successful, and I'm not too sure where he got his information. I figured the more experienced folks here might be able to answer some questions I have, some which are specific to Barren River, but most are general for hybrid.

Does anyone know of a few good spots around Barren River lake for hybrid in early spring when the water first starts warming up and it gets back to summer pool?

What are some good lures to use? We always ran crankbaits, buzzbaits, spinners, and the like, but again, I don't really know if my dad actually knew what he was doing.

As for hot spots, what are some common things to look for? What kind of things do they like to hang around? Obviously, the best times if day are dawn and dusk, but are there any particular overhead obstructions that keep them in low light and thus, feeding?

Like I said, I appreciate any and all tips. If no one has any specific info on Barren River Lake, that's no problem, but any general advice will be greatly appreciated.
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