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Default Re: Stripers Forever Hudson River Action alert

How you can help if you are not a NY State resident
If you are not a NY State resident you should still e-mail or write the Senators on the committee and tell them that striped bass spawned in the Hudson are important to the whole coastal fishery, and that they should be protected from commercial harvest. If you fish the Hudson for stripers, especially if you travel to get there, stay in a hotel, or fish with a guide, please be sure to point this out in your communication. The economic benefits are key rationale for this bill.

For those residing outside of NY, here is a sample letter to copy, paste, and send to members of the Environmental Conservation Committee. Please feel free to modify it into your own words, and to add whatever additional comments you want. Please try to send it to every member of the committee:

My name is (your name) and I live (town, state). I am writing to urge you to support S4948, the bill to protect Hudson River striped bass from the resumption of commercial fishing. The Hudson River is one of the major spawning areas for the migratory East coast striped bass stock. This is the most important recreational salt water species in America. Like all saltwater species, stripers are already threatened by intense fishing pressure and pollution. Thirty years ago Hudson River stripers were almost wiped out by commercial fishing pressure. This fishery has been closed to commercial harvest since 1976, and the population has recovered, though breeding age fish are under heavy fishing pressure in the ocean. Senate bill S4948 has been referred to the Environmental Conservation Committee. It is very important to me that you support this bill.


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