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Default Stripers Forever Hudson River Action alert

Thiis is for all the NY residents. Anyone else who reads this, feel free to comment and participate, or not.

Here's the breakdown of the bill as I understand it:
1. Commercial shad netters in the Hudson River catch striped bass as bycatch as they net shad.
2. The shad runs have diminished, and now gillnetters are asking to be allowed to catch and sell striped bass.
3. Since the Hudson is the 2nd largest spawning ground of striped bass, it's probably not a great idea to let commercial netters net those bass.
4. Whether you fully support Stripers Forever or not, a move to restrict catches in spawning areas is a good one. The Gov't of Maryland has made similar moves to restrict catches in spawning areas. That proves that this kind of legislation is recognized as beneficial, and necesssary.
5. In the past I have tried to present both sides of the story when covering Stripers Forever. In this instance, I am in full agreement with the Hudson River legislation and will get on board to support it.

The bill has passed the NY Assembly and is being brought up for a vote in the NY Senate on Feb 23, 2010
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