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Default Re: The Saltwater License and why its coming.

Making it widely known that fishing for saltwater species is illegal without a license will stop a lot of weekend visitors to your area from bombarding the trees, rocks, docks, jetties and God knows what, with hooks, line, sinkers, lures and all their garbage. That's one positive.

Anyone who truly enjoys getting out and fishing will pay and go anyway. Me included.

What will the affect be on local Bait and Tackle shops? What percentage of their business comes from Googans? I don't know.

Will the money be used to improve access and quality of the environment?
I believe it will in low rent real estate areas. (muddy riverside lots for boat ramps, etc.), but access to prime waterfront on the Cape and Islands will always be "wait 'til they go back to N.Y.C." and walk around the "WE OWN THIS BEACH-KEEP OFF!'" signs.

AS STATED ABOVE- It's up to groups like all of us forum members to rally and demand the money be used for it's intended purpose. Without any opposition, it's gone! WE are the concerned group that should be charged with making sure the right officials are in place to run these programs.

Keep this and other threads like it alive. Gather signatures that demand notice. I hope and believe that there are good people in our interest group, and that this license thing can work out to better our sport.
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