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Default Re: Change in herring law this year

Keep in mind guys that your are mostly talking about fishing with Live herring.
Chunk Bait guys like myself tend to use more because of the damn eels/cats.
When you have 4 guys on a boat and the cats/eels won't leave your bait alone you use more bait. I wish it was as simple as saying Mr. Eel please leave my bait alone but it doesn't work like that. I do however fish Live herring to at a times where I might use 6 or 8 a day. Some days when I chunk with 4 guys in the boat we have gone though 35 bait in a day. Never even close to 100/day! The real problem with the herring is the damn ocean trawlers pulling in the river herring that co-mingle with the sea herring. The
river herring are discarded as bycatch. The DEC/ASMFC promised to look into this at the Dec. 8th meeting in Staatsburgh as they are now aware that this is a problem and is another factor to some extent in the decline in the river herring populations.
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