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Default Re: Change in herring law this year

I've gotten herring for other people and people have done the same for me
we fill the bait tanks and the guys use them some don't have time to scap so it's nice to have bait for all. We don't buy bait we don't sell it. Bait shops sell as many as they want hunderets comm. netters millions of lbs . So Tuna and BB you would go after the little guy just like big goverment does take from the blue collar guy tax ciggs tax beer sin tax on and on. Outlaw fishing North off the GW brige cause thats the breeding grounds. Thats what table is being set then the gun get reg. then the come and get it because of new rules. Two fluke over 21" in NY for two months. I could go on forever with this rant but you wouldn't get it. So good Luck to you enjoy striper fishing as long as you can before it to gets banned.
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