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Default Re: Raritan Bay: Is it worth fighting for?

For those who don't read the NY forums, for the past year I have involved myself with other fishermen groups, fighting for access in Brookhaven, LI.

Why should I, or you, give a rat's azz about some snobby beach in LI? Who among us will ever fish there?
I know I'll never fish there, and I honestly didn't care about that frikkin place until I realized something....
If they can close access to fishermen in LI, they can (and will) do it in NJ!!! Remember St Alphonso's and Pullman Ave in Long Branch last year, closed because of the insane behavior of fishermen.

So that's why I got involved, and keep getting involved in Brookhaven, Laurence Harbor, Long Branch and the ocean areas, etc. I wasn't satisfied enough with ranting about it on the internet. I saw that when fishermen organize with other groups, we can present a force that people will have to deal with.

There's other groups out there doing the same thing, NJ Outdoor Alliance. Anthony Mauro, a member here, is a tireless spokesman for the outdoorsman. Then there's fishermens groups like the RFA, SSFFF for fluke, and many others.

Well, I'm kinda busy with the job, wife, kids, fishin, etc, can't I just contribute money and let someone else take care of it?
Doesn't work that way because this issue is about us, as fishermen, and the trash we leave behind, and the disresppecting of the property of people who live there.

Well, what can I do about that, Dark? I don't litter, I don't disrespect property. It''s the other guys out there!!
I completely agree, the people who love fishin are not the problem.

But ranting about it on the internet doesn't solve things either. I wonder if a few of us would decide to be more vocal, WITHOUT causing a fight or putting yourself at risk, if it would eventually make a difference?

Someone on another site suggested signs in Spanish and English to tell people littering ain't cool. A good idea, but how effective will that be?

People do things because they feel they can get away with it. How about when you see someone littering, speak up, right then and there? If you don't feel comfortable, call the police with descriptive info and vehicle license number.

There are many partying late at night, you'll never reach those people, they'll continue to litter until the fines are $1000 and enforced.

But for the other people who we see littering, and can't be bothered, and then come to rant about it on the internet? What good does that do?

So what's the point of my long-winded rant here?
Well, like many of you, I felt powerless to do anything about this. I rationalized and said I can't do anything about the selfish actions of others. That may be true to some extent.

But I can speak my mind, and organize with others who feel the same way. I'm asking anyone who reads this if they ever felt the same way. If "yes", then why not take a more active role in what's happening out there?

I know some of this may seem corny or pointless, but originally I thought getting involved in Brookhaven was pointless. They recently had an election there, and the BS candidate that was partly responsible for the beach closure was not elected to the position he wanted.

I apologize for the long-winded rant, but I'm tired of these places getting restriced because of the poor behavior of a select few.

So we do have power to change things, people, even if we do by picking up one piece of trash at a time.

I would appreciate any ideas others have. I know there are better ones out there than the ones I put out in this thread. Let's hear 'em. I can tell you now that with my involvement in these things, I feel like Im making a difference, though it's sometimes frustrating (and I miss a lotta fishin time because of it).

If anyone is interested in the cleanups, updates, or learning more, or getting involved, hit me up at [email protected]

Somebody's gotta do it. If you leave it up to "somebody" else, it won't get done.

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