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Default Re: We just might be in trouble (next year)

Originally Posted by Ship of Fools View Post
Listen....who has lost 25 lbs this winter and who has gained a bunch?............and it wasn't me whining after i climbed some little hill in Saratoga and called it hiking!!
I am just "beefing up" in case my outboard dies again this Spring and I am forced to tough it out with Perch Inc. and the ruffians at Bruno's...

I have been eyeing that minivan bench seat up there for more than a year. I think I can finally take that 12yr old kid I see there all the time, now that I am back to my fighting weight...

As for Hadley Mountain- that is a beast... Friggin' peak is so high up there it makes it own weather. I've climbed Mt. Whitney in CA when I worked at Sequoia, and been up to 17,000ft on McKinley when I worked at Denali.

But that Hadley Mountain is a real bruiser... Toughest four miles of my life last weekend, Dude... I am leaving the case of beer in the car next time.
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