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Default Re: We just might be in trouble (next year)

I am going to blame it on the herring fisherman when I can't beat my biggest. ;)

Actually, there doesn't seem to be as many guys anchored with herring as there was a few years ago...maybe they just aren't there when we are. We seem to have far more problems with trollers (and I am a troller, although I would like to try herring some day if I can) that watch closely, come in fast when we catch a fish, and push us around with their bigger boats. Maybe it has something to do with there being more trollers out there than there used to be??? There is nothing more frustrating than a guy ripping plugs at 5mph coming up behind us while we are going 2mph and then pushing us (and all of our lures) into the ground/rocks/woody debris in shallow water. Not all trollers do this, it is just a select few.

As for the herring problems...they are surely big problems. I doubt that fishermen in the Hudson have much of an impact though, since stripers are going to eat many of them anyway and there are commercial boats out there capturing entire schools in nets all at once.
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