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Default Re: Salt Water Licenses! you change your tune

This fossilized but relevant thread provides a time capsule overview.
There are some great ideas and interesting information, debate and positions that still remain relevant today. The Reauthorization of the Magnusun Stevenson act which posits, as we all know by this writing, a requirement to establish a national registry that was included in the statute approved by Congress in 2007.
The final rule requires anglers and spearfishers who fish recreationally in federal ocean waters to be included in the national saltwater angler registry by Jan. 1, 2010.
Beginning January 2010, NOAA will exempt anglers from the federal registration rule if they are licensed in states that have a system to provide complete information on their saltwater anglers to the national registry.
It was 09 but the states have been granted 1 year to decide whether they will collect the data via licensing or If anglers are not licensed or registered by a state that has been exempted and want to fish in federal waters, they will be required to register with NOAA. They also must register if they fish in tidal waters for migratory fish such as striped bass and salmon that spawn in rivers and spend their adult lives in estuaries and oceans. However, those who fish recreationally for these migratory species inland of tidal waters need not register, according to the final rule.

The latest on this issue.
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