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Default Re: Lake Pleasant this weekend

I have gone to this spot twice and gotten skunked, once in September and again in October. When the water is low - about 40 feet lower than in May/June, the fishing is really slow. The steep bank only goes down so far. I was fishing in only 20-25 feet of water. I went most recently on 1/17 and the water is up 22 feet from September. It's now at 66 percent full. I had a couple of hits and got one about 10:30am and nothing the rest of the day. This is the time of year when they are pumping the CAP water into the lake, so it will only get better. When I get a motor for my boat, I can chase them to wherever they are, but for now I'm shore bound. I'll try again next month. Good Luck Fishing, guys.
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