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Hi Jim...Sorry to hear that you in bad health..I remember you saying that your back was real bad when we met at Scusset Park a few years back..We the Cali boys were appreciative of the invite to your picnic..Not sure if you remember..You gave me some Rubber mullet baits..Caught a lot of fish at Rhode Island with them till the dam blues ate um...You only asked that we join on 247..which I did...Now i spend more time on line than fishing due to Sciatica real bad..I have been getting involved with our bass problems here in California & especially in RI & Mass...Raising hell with poachers & commercials also..Hope you made good use of the synthetic hair I sent you..Some thing about teasers..I hope you get some help with your medical problems as theres still tons of fish with your name on them.....Iv'e fished from Alaska to Mexico & my home state California to mass & RI...Am in same boat as you i think healthwise..Can't give up or they''ll throw dirt on us...Best wishes my friend & thank you so much for this great site & forum..Really keeps my mind busy, which I need....Jim Mancuso AKA gregorjim
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