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Default Barometric Pressure and Wind speed data

Barometric Pressure and Wind speed data - From the NOAA/ NOS WATER LEVEL OBSERVATION NETWORK
The station locator is designed for the user who wishes to access all available data for any "active" (currently transmitting) water level station. Retrieve Meteorological Oceanographic Data, such as Barometric pressure / Wind speed direction and gusts / Air and Water temperatures.
The locator is broken down by state. Click on the state where the station of interest resides, then click on the station's name or dot. A screen will appear with the station selected and associated data options. Click on the option for the desired data. It is recommended that you check the data inventory option first before selecting other data types to see what data may be available. For fishing purposes the Weather / Ocean data is the most usefull. Plot for the previous day for sustained wind and direction or for barometric changes and trends. Click on link to retrieve Meteorological data then look for weather ocean data. All U.S. Stations are included.
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