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You should put the guys email up so the other side can have their say.

Most charter boat captains and even recreational guys I know of in the highlands, Briele, and Sheepshead bay where Ive fished from were all responsible caps with good mates who wouldn't dare gaff a striper. Ive seen them coach the newbies to lay them on the side so they can net em. The catch and release philosophy has taken a strong hold amongst younger and older anglers alike with a "lower mortality" conscousness the order of the day. The advent of circle hooks and nets that dont hurt a fishes slime coat are used much more than in the past. Sure there are more stripers around because of the conservation efforts, but you still have to work to catch em. and there are many irresponsible anglers everywhere not just the New Jersey fishery. I gather the guy was not a proponent of the 3rd "slot fish. He should fish the New York side and only be able to keep one fish, which most guys I know dont keep anyway. Especially those who can afford the gas money to cruise the raritan up to 5 night a week. Bad day Id say.
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