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Dont worry man, it really sucked a koo koo koot. We got down there bout 9:30. Walked down and found a spot and worked clams. Nuttin. The tide was coming in, but there was a weird rip that was taking everyones line OUT. Everyone was baffled. One the walk in, there was talk of a 32" and a 36", but it was dead as you said when the tide turned. We were there till like 1am I think. Rubbish. And NO lie, on the walk back to the truck in the parking lot, a skunk was right at the light pole on the corner. STRIPED CAT. S K U N K E D squared.

We left and hit the Hampton Marsh. It was FLOOD TIDE, probably the moon, but it reminded me of the flood tide at the end of September last year, it was the last time we caught Stripers in the marsh, then it was shore time. But anyhow, the tide was H I G H, and there was absolutely no herring working the top. Deader than a fart. So I would have to say the night action here has calmed substantially within the last 10 days. I was out there 2 weeks ago at night, the fish were still flopping the top every 3 seconds. But that seems to have ended.

Looks like its time to get on the boat. Either that or work the dam in Newmarket a bit more while the Herring are still pooled in there.

What a skunk the night turned out to be. P O O P

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