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I'd say probably sometime between 7:30-8pm. I aiming to be there before 8 oclock, but when your bringin someone, you never know how long it will take them to get their act together lol :)

I am definitely going to get some clams. The herring is just not treating me well so far this year. I will also throw out some Danny's I guess, maybea pencil popper, some big grubs on jig heads, maybe some bucktails? As well as some Storms ofcourse.

I have not fished on PI for weeks, and believe it or not, have never actually fished the spot we're talking about. I have parked in that lot, and walked up the beach to check out the jetty etc., but it was way too windy that day for any fishing. You know your way around there right? I'd hate to get lost, or even fish the wrong spot lol

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