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Default Re: The Saltwater License and why its coming.

Originally Posted by zimno1 View Post
hey grouchy> you can pm me with the curse words? it took a long time to drum that stuff up. kinda lol when i hit the reply button. as it's no joke it is all i can do but to goof about it and come up with new material to provoke thought. your points on the subject are without a doubt valid and as i am laid up and bored i send these emails to elected officials to see what bullsheet response i will get.
Ha! Not the cuss words,, don't give a shit about that crap, it's saying something that may inadvertantly be taken as picking on certain minorities, colors, size, hair style and/or toenail lengths. I'm "grouchy" with everyone without reguard to political correctness. Spade is a spade even if it looks like a jack 'o hearts.

Hope the replies you get are better than the very, very few I get. Most of mine are very generic. Actually recieved the same reply from the same source 3 different times on 3 different issues. I really don't think anyone actually reads them. Think they just trigger a computerized response with a time delay to try and make it look good(?).

Sorry about the layup. After 2 1/2 yrs. I know what it's like. Just lately I've been feeling up to fishing. Havn't gone yet, but soon. May try crabbing again this afternoon if it'll rain and get the tourist to run for cover. Plenty of showers and such in the forecast. Maybe tonight I can run the Moonstone with flyrod in hand. I'm really itching to get out and still have a few percosets & vicodin in hand for the recovery. (LOL)
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