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Default Re: The Saltwater License and why its coming.

Zimm, Like the way you're thinking in what you're saying.
Unfortunately, I think it'll not work the way you have in mind.
First, "Casual Fisherman", around here most are tourist and local vacationers. After doing the Walmart march, they'll hit the local B&T after the first attempt on going it solo. They'll get info, bait, line, plugs, pretty hats & vest to look the part, and what nots. These folks are a constant flow each week in the summer. Locally, by the time the fall blitz comes around many shops are fairly out of stocks and not reordering until spring. Seen it many times. The local B&T's (not so secretly) live on these casuals.

The locals - they'll buy a few lures, some bait, maybe a pole or reel. But mostly we'll look for a deal without the High cost of tourist pricing on the internet.
Not many B&T's offer rod building supplies, good assortment of fly making materials, plug / tin making molds and such. Once one looks at the internet, considers an order, we'll just naturally include some lower priced tackle to go with the shipping. Fish finders, snaps, swivels, hooks, etc. is almost 1/3 the price this way. Mostly, we make our own,,, and usually swap with each other. (Just like on here with gatherings) Besides, most of the folks I know look for clearance / end of year sales at places like Walmart, Kmart, Target, etc. for the following year's supplies.

As for the fishing permit, gonna be like gun control. Only the honest people will adhere. For the $25 price I feel more "casuals" are going to be inclined to keep stuff they'd through back just to feel they got their monies worth. And the folks that are illegal? I doubt very much they'll change. I fully expect they will increase in numbers. If you illegally fishing without a permit,,, it'll be a very short trip to keeping everything worth eating. A lot more folks will forget how to speak English and sprout #&^*@!^.

I've already seen how Fish & Game laws are selectively enforced. Why would one think this any different? Public right of way is the biggie to me. The State refuses to enforce the laws. Sizes and quantities are selectively enforced. among other things. Obviously, the law does not pertain to everyone.

I for one am dead set against such a thing.
How about a break for the retired folks, many of which fought for this country to be kept free from foreign forces as in WWI & II? They are on fixed incomes. The price of heating fuel is going to kill them this year. Do I see any break mentioned for folks over 65 or so? Not yet. How about handy capped?
I simply see it as another governmental money making scheme with little or no practical intent (except for other than stated). Sure, sounds good,,, but that's as far as it goes.

"For the people, by the people", I don't see a very large percentage of folks standing behind this one,,, anywhere. So, "By the people" is over ruled?

Wonder, will my taxes go up so the Welfare folks can get a raise to pay for the license?
Will my taxes go up to pay for enforcement officers, vehicles, computers, buildings, fuel, and benefits to cover proper enforcement?
Please don't try and tell me that all funding will come from the $25 permit. We all know how well the Gov't handles funding / monies.

Don't you think there is something really wrong with this picture? Really?
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