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Default Re: The Saltwater License and why its coming.

the mom and pop tackle shops really can do without the CASUAL fisherman but most of the shops income comes from us local regulars and people with kids wanting to start out. these and casual fishermen will conform to whatever it takes to get the kids out fishing and most of the casual fishermen who do buy a license will probably fish more often then not as a (what did i buy this stinken license for anyway) attitude surely will bring them into the tackle shop more often then before. the thing i agree with most people is the compliance of it all. just not enough enforcement (enough for dec to get quotas i;m sure) but night fishing is where most of your poaching is prevalent and enforcement is a non-factor as i have witnessed. so yea, we have some really tough issues to contend with but the fishery is being raped and as responsible stewards of our own fisheries we have to agree that something as drastic could improve the fishery in what minute way as it can. there has never been any other way but a moratorium on a specific species that worked, so to save an industry from ruin is to attempt to secure it;s future with some sense of control and accountability ("however minuscule and supposedly tried and true in other states say may have worked"). control may be a harsh word but as a state license it could be tolerable/ a fed. licence would assuredly be a debacle/ i am not totally for this but i am totally aware of my surroundings and responsibility to my community and fishery. (very few percentage of people fishing off the beach here share my views and concerns) so i feel my hands are tied and i have to view any intervention on behalf of a chaotic, run-a-muck wanna-be sportfishing community which is global at this point a positive and not a negative. won;t fix everything but if we can clarify the pro's and con's and work on them as a whole it is possible to weed out a small percentage of riff raff. since it is inevitable i feel we should be implementing our own views into the scenario - begin to question/condemn/or approve of the set of laws to help and to not abandon any original goals this license has been administered to do. in plain English if you are not involved in this process then you can really not expect to have a voice to question it. there are a list of representatives in this website (if not in this thread to voice your concerns and will be upcoming meetings on the issue. instead of us complaining we should be engaging. can i get an AMEN

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