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Default Re: The Saltwater License and why its coming.

What would happen if everyone refused to play along and didn't get a permit.
At first I'm sure there would be "citations",,, but after the courts got choked up with misdemeaners you think they'd learn?

Hmmm,, side thought -
Since it would be a federal law,,, if caught without would it be a felony?
Felony (conviction) means no hunting (guns), blockages to many jobs, etc.
Seems crazy,,, but probable?

Obviously, they know what the problem is with the fishery.
They just don't want to deal with it appropriately, never did.
Permits is just anouther smoke sceen. Later they'll say," we tried, look at what happened."
As mentioned before. Stripers came back with the moritorium. Co-operation of Americans. Not by taxation. And it worked.

Unite,,,, and boycott the poly-ticians.
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