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Default Flounder Poachers Busted in Boston Harbor!

My friend and I were fishing in Boston Harbor Sunday for flounder. These two guys in a boat next to us were putting small flounder into their cooler. My friend yelled at them and they put one back in the water (so they knew what they were doing was wrong). After that, they continued to sneak them in the cooler. My friend was so mad I thought he was going to start throwing weights at them so I suggested he call the environmental police as an alternative. Once we found the right number they were great - called us back, got a description of the boat, and we got to watch the guys get busted 20 minutes later only 30 feet from our boat. I think they had four under sized fish in the cooler but it was hard to hear with the wind. Anyway, I normally don't rat on people but poachers are enough to put me over the edge. All the other boats around us where throwing back the shorts except these assholes. Also - did you ever try and filet a 11" flounder? More work than it's worth so why keep them?
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