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Default fluke season needs your help!!

The D E C is proposing a very short FLUKE season this year.

They are looking at a season that will run from 30 days to 51 days.

I hope this is unacceptable to everyone who fishes for FLUKE. The only option that there is that has a chance of getting passed is the one that has a season of MAY 15-SEPT. 1 20 1/2 INCH SIZE LIMIT AND A 2 FISH BAG LIMIT.

Unless everyone sends a e-mail to Mr. Gilmore and Steve Heines in support of this option our season will be very short. I have attended 2 meeting with them a few weeks ago and there thinking is the only way we will stay within our quota is with major cuts in the season. So unless we get as many people as possible to support the longer season we will be stuck with a very bad regulation.

Your letter should say:

Dear Mr. Gilmore,

I am in full support of the 20 1/2 inch size limit 2 fish bag limit and the season that runs from May 15 to Sept. 1. This is a reduction of almost 70% from this year regulations. I feel that this should be more than enough to keep New York within it`s 2008 quota. Any of the other options with the shorter seasons will put an undo economic hardship on the fishing industry. As you are well aware, the industry has had many businesses fail over the last few years because these harsh regulations and hope you will work with us till congress fixes the problem.

These e-mails should be sent to both:

[email protected]


[email protected]

The more people we can get to do this the better chance we will have to get the longer season.

Remember the mind set at D E C is the shortest season possible.


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