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I have raised my family Down East Maine as a commercial fishermen. I grew up on LI NY rod and real fishen. I now have had the time to go back to the rod and real. I want you to know I have heard and read many fishen stories as we all have but your dads leason on learned knowledge belonging to the next person is something I will keep with me. As a comm who made it all about the money I have to say, any man who said this to his boy tells me it was not all about the money. Thanks
Originally Posted by GunnySniper View Post
10 year olds are what it's all about. I was very fortunate to be surrounded at a young age by lot's of Stripermen. Earlier in the post I mentioned my old man was a comm. That was back in the 60's-70's. Fish were everywhere, and we fished everywhere. From spring trips to Montauk, to the Fall gathering at the Vineyard. One day I'll put up some pics of those days. One photo has 11 adults and 1 ten year old, me. Behind us is a stack of Stripers representing 1 nights efforts. More than a cord of Bass, none under 40.
Fishing with the old man usually was no fun, it was all about the money.
He had a few older buds however that did enjoy fishing for the sake of fishing. I kind of got taken under wing. They taught me to tie flies, build rods, Make plugs, etc., etc., etc..
You are not far from me at all, and maybe we could get together to share some stories. I could go for hours about Ol' Jack. The man was bigger than life to me. The reason I share my knowledge is specifically due to something he said to me.
"When you learn from someone else, that knowledge does not belong to you, it belongs to the next person that needs it."
Your 10 year old has the attitude to become a Striperman, If I gave you the knowledge at the right time, and he follows that path, Then I have done right by him/her.
Tight lines, and please keep me posted on the progress.
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