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Default Re: Lathe Powered Drum Sander

I think the lathe is a 1942. I just rebuilt the head stock with 2 new oil impregnated bronze bushings from McMasterCarr and a 5/8 diameter shaft from a buddy. The total rebuild set me back about 5 bucks, and a beer for the buddy with the steel 5/8" shaft.. I had to run a 5/8 inch reamer through the bushings after I pressed them in, but I had one laying around so it was easy. I'm impressed with how smooth it runs even cranked at the highest speed. The tail stock is a dead center, that I wish I could convert to a live center, but I think I'm stuck with it. I use a wax base bike chain lube on the end of the wood to keep it spinning freely. Seems to work good.
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