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Default Lathe Powered Drum Sander

I'm making some bottle plugs and was trying to come up with a neat way to form the lip. A drum sander gives the radius, but making one to work in the lathe and using the dust collector is what I really needed. So I made one.

Start with a blank with the diameter you need. True it up in the lathe.
Attachment 4269
I used the cloth backed belt sander paper.
Attachment 4265
Cut the belt at the seam.
Attachment 4258
And cut it down the middle. I got 4, 12" long strips from this.
Attachment 4266
I took one strip and figured out the wrap angle. Taped one end with electrical tape.
Attachment 4259
Made the wrap and taped the other end.
Attachment 4268
Took my blank.
Attachment 4270
Turned on the lathe and dust collector and started to form my lip.
Attachment 4261
Rounded off the edges.
Attachment 4262
It works for smoothing out other edges as well.
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