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Default Re: Jig fishing 101 - jigging deep with current

Originally Posted by Jigman View Post
sometimes the painted head makes a difference, but most times I really don't think it matters.

yes, i use the do-it molds .. shadhead, bullethead and spearhead jig molds mostly... I pour a few smiling bill jigs as well for bucktails..

you can punch them out pretty quickly with one guy loading hooks and another pouring lead..
Yeah, where I fish for stripes, below a dam - a shallow rock shelf on a freshwater river, I don't think the paint would matter much. Plus, as you said earlier, if you aren't losing a few baits you aren't fishing right. Where I'm at you are getting hung up pretty regularly, but that is where the fish are. I'd hate to put the time into painting mine to break 'em off. I always bought my jigs, but already pour my own duck decoy anchors so why not start making my own jigs too. What hooks you running on the shad head (1/2 oz if you pour that size)? Great article. Thanks.

oh and jig fishing is my favorite way to fish for most fish. period.
Life is too short to lose good fish.
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