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Default Tyson. Welcome to the Board


Lake Ana holds the Oregon state record for hybrid striper. 18 pounds 8 ounces caught in 2002 by Justin Marks.

Eric Shindler of the ODFW sent me this info when I was putting the site together.
"At this point in time Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife only has one hybrid (striped bass x white bass cross) stocking program. That program is at Ana Reservoir in central Oregon (north of Lakeview). Previously there was a hybrid program in the Tenmile Lake system, but was discontinued due to straying issues and salmonid predation concerns by the public.
ODFW did have a hatchery stocking program in effect for quite a while to collect fish from the Coos system and then replant fry. I am unaware of the current status of this program, but Mike Gray at the Coos District office could update you. His number is 541/888-5515".

There is additional info on Oregon Stripers here at this addresss

I will post some more info on lake Ana soon.

Again Welcome to the site. I believe that there is another Oregon fly fishermen who is a member here.

Thanks for participating and I hope you enjoy the forum

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