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what I use all depends on a few factors:
*current speed
*depth I'm fishing
*local forage/bait

try to match the hatch with rubbah, like a sluggo, paddletail, fin-s fish.. try to choose a jighead weight and body rubbah that will get to the bottom, stay there, and tumble freely... too heavy, will look unnatural, too light won't get to the bottom efficiently..

most times I'm using a shadhead jighead and rubbah that matches the bait.. I trim the rubbah back to fit flush to the back of the jighead, slip it on 'straight' .. no wrinkles, no bulges, 'straight' and try to leave it as sleek as possible so it gets to the bottom asap and nothing is sticking out to catch on things... smooth, sleek.. test it on a quick retrieve to be sure it doesn't spin, then pull the rubbah back to expose the jighead's 'shoulder' and hit it with a drop or two of CA/superglue and slide it back up to where it was.. this particular one is 1oz.. I pour them from 1/4oz to 5oz.
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