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Default Just wanna say hi (new to site)

I'm new to the site..first post.. so i guess i'm a s247 virgin lol
anyways...just wanted to introduce myself and tell ya this site is great!!
My family and I go striper fishing along NH's small seacoast about twice a month...more if it's in the budget...we usually have at least 3 of our 5 kids with us and we fish from shore...we are competitive when we fish to see who can get the biggest so far my husband and son last year each caught one around 35 - 36 inch weighing in at 16 lbs each...damn them i got the smallest one that day
we went twice so far this year and nuttin yet but i got the itching to keep goin it is a wonderful feeling to hook even a schoolie...what a fight
we'll be heading out this saturday night to try to catch a keeper....suppose to be a full moon and it's mother's day weekend so i better get the first one lol we're gonna try the fishing with eels...seen a lot of useful info on fishing with eels especially at night (mostly from this site) just don't know if i can deal with the squirmy lil critters if anyone has any ideas or suggestions i would love to hear them

anyways...just want to say hi and i'll let ya know how it goes this weekend

thanks again
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