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Originally Posted by MB19565 View Post
Going to be purchasing my first striper set up. Fishing from a Boat, nearshore and Rivers in NH/ME We plan on fishing with live bait, chunk bait and lures.

Considering picking up a 7' spinning combo set up from Penn. they seem reasonably priced and get decent reviews on this website.


Questions are:

--is 7' a good size for an all around rod for boat fishing?

--What Size reel? I'd rather be on the lighter side as my kids will be using it as well. (2500, 3000 or 4000)?

--Can you recommend a few lures that are "must haves" in every striper fisherman's tackle box?

-- I've seen a lot about pencil poppers- can I catch schoolies on these? if not what is a good lure for schoolies?

As you can tell I'm starting at Zero here with my striper fishing knowledge! This site is excellent and has helped me so much already. Looking to see if I'm headed in the right direction

-- THANK YOU for any advice or input!

I can't see those links but I would go with a 4000 mininum. I have a shimano symetre 4000 that is a blast when you hook up to an aggressive schoolie. A penn fierce 4000 has 13lbs max drag, its also avalible in a live liner. I personally have the penn battle ii 5000. It's my light tackle reel for the boat, it's hooked up to a 6 ft rod. I also have a 6000 live liner but I use it from shore. A 7ft rod is perfect. 7 ft 6 or 6 ft 6 is also good for the boat. The tip has to be a little heavy for those windy days, heavier sinker weights.
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